Small Dough Bowl

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week processing time as each bowl is hand carved and hand poured to perfection.

This dough bowl is made from locally sourced wood from Eganville Ontario, hand carved and contains 2-4 COTTON wicks. (Depending on bowl)

This dough bowl is offered in a scent of your choice. Please select scent from drop down menu.

Colour: Natural


Length- 9”-11”

Width- 3”-4”

Height- 2”-3”

(this is considered our SMALL size)

Burn time: 15-25  hours depending on the bowl 

Important notes: Each dough bowl is unique as they are hand carved. This means they are ALL different and come in different sizes.  When burning the candle the oils in the wax will set into the wood bowls as they are not coated. We try our very best to be sure that they are no leaks but if one does occur you can plug the hole using wood filler or a piece of tape. We recommend if this happens to burn your candle on top of a piece of newspaper.  All wicks have to be lit at once and burn for no more than 3-4 hours at a time.  First burn until the wax is wet across the entire top may take 4 hours. Each candle is filled with 100% Soy wax.

No refunds or exchanges on dough bowls as each are hand carved and unique.


When finished burning- Wash bowl out with warm water and use as a bowl or send back to us for a REFILL! (Please DM us to organize a refill!)

Wood Bowl Care- Cracks happen. Our bowls are 100% Natural and untreated. We finish the bowls with food grade butcher block oil/wax. We recommend to oil your bowl monthly to prevent cracks from occurring.

Frosting happens. This is the white crystals that may appear on wax. This is due to the natural process of wax oxidization. Frosting does not affect the burn of the candle at all. Simply wipe off with a cloth if desired.